Affirmations for What I Have to Offer Others

Affirmations for What I Have to Offer Others

I love the saying, “attract what you want by being what you want.”   Are you confident, self-assured, positive thinking, and forward focused?  Are you excited about what life has to offer and ready for all those around you to see just how very special you are?  Do you share your unique gifts and talents? Here are a few affirmations to say each day.

I feel good about what I have to offer others

  • I feel excited about the possibilities in my life.
  • My gifts are unique to me, and I want to share them. I feel good about what I have to offer to others.
  • I am well-received whenever I reach out to help other people because my skills are valuable. I am good with people, teaching others, and listening. Whatever I do well, I make a point to offer to others. This helps them and increases my self-confidence.
  • When I am learning a new skill, I seek out situations where I can share it with others. Using a new ability helps me learn it more thoroughly. And I feel joy when I can help others with it, which helps reinforce my desire to use it.
  • If I ever start to feel as though I have little to offer the world, I remember all of the things for which I am thanked.
  • Maybe it’s letting someone in a hurry go ahead of me in line. Perhaps I follow my nudges and help someone during their time of need. Whatever gifts of mine I can give, big or small, they bring delight to me and others.
  • Today, I remember that my specific skills and talents are beneficial to the world. I love using my abilities, whether they are natural or learned. Each day, I look for opportunities to share my gifts with others.

Self-Reflection Questions to Journal About

  1. What do I believe about my own abilities?

  2. Is my inner dialogue marked by confidence or doubt?

  3. How can I shift this balance toward more frequent remembrance of the value of my individual gifts and talents?

Peace and Blessings,