Avoid Self-Doubt … Be Confident!

Avoid Self-Doubt … Be Confident!

Self-doubt vs. Self-awareness

Avoiding self-doubt isn’t always easy. By definition, self-doubt means “lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities”. Our doubts are those pesky, unwanted critters that keep invading our space like a trail of ants that come out of nowhere.  There is a hole or crack somewhere that has allowed them to enter.  You grab some ant spray and wallah they are gone.

If only it were that easy to “magically” spray away and avoid self-doubt.

Early in my career, I raised my self-awareness by understanding the root cause of my self-doubt. I had awesome self-esteem, but I questioned the decisions I made.  The root cause went all the way back to my childhood and growing up. My success in sports, music, school activities, etc. was seldom acknowledged therefore my confidence slid. I worked even harder, becoming the overachiever and yet again, it was unnoticed. I created a hole that continued to get bigger and in waltzed those pesky critters as I became their victim of self-doubt.

The path to change is so worth walk.  Here are a few things to say to yourself. Change it up by writing your own affirmations in a journal.

I am confident enough to avoid self-doubt

  • I am confident enough in my own skin to avoid self-doubt. When I look in the mirror, I see someone whose opportunities and potential are endless. My confidence keeps me focused on meaningful goals.
  • Self-doubt is a detractor that tries to prevent me from going after my dreams. I avoid allowing it to stomp on my proven abilities and talents.
  • I use the success stories of others to motivate me.
  • My inability to reach a specific goal rarely equates to failure. Instead, I use the experience as a lesson in being better prepared. Those experiences help me develop even more self-confidence.
  • When I am confident, I inspire others to believe in me.
  • I know that I sometimes have less experience than required for a job. Although it is easy to allow that to turn into self-doubt, I avoid that at all costs. I know that I have the skills required for the job. I use my talents to boost my confidence and make me a true contender.
  • My confidence carries more weight than any of my shortcomings. Others are willing to give me a chance because I repel self-doubt.
  • Today, I know that my success comes from believing in myself. Confidence drives me to overcome my fears. I know that I am worthy of all the good things present in my life.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When is it helpful to remind me of my natural abilities?
  2. How do I help my kids believe in themselves and show confidence? (Read our mother/daughter blog on self-esteem)
  3. Why does my confidence sometimes cause me to have unrealistic expectations for myself?


Peace and Blessings,
Dawn Hurlebaus