I Can Do This

I Can Do This

Has someone or something ruffled your feathers?  When was the last time you said, “I can do this”?

There are times when we all feel broken, defeated, disappointed, and overpowered.

We say things like …

  • Can anything else happen?
  • Will this ever end?
  • What next?

Sound familiar?  You are not alone.  We all go through times in our lives when we feel this.  One of my favorites said, “You Got This!”  It was a great reminder that no matter what you may be going through, we believed in you.  I wore mine once to the grocery store.  As I was turning the corner, a woman stopped me and said, “I love your shirt.  It’s exactly what I needed to hear today.”  

It’s a different world right now.  Below are some words of encouragement.  Words for you to say to yourself as often as you like including self-reflection questions to answer and journal about.

Choose to say …

  • I can do this. I got this.
  • When I need a boost, I give myself a simple and uplifting message.
  • I can adapt to change.  Change helps me to grow.
  • I can achieve big things. If something really matters to me, it is worth striving for.
  • Today I will choose to live and eat healthy.
  • I will stay active and exercise consistently. I will give my body adequate sleep, and I find constructive ways to deal with daily stress.
  • I can succeed at work. I plan my career path and build my network. I continue learning and taking on greater responsibility.
  • I can support my friends. I stay in touch and schedule time to get together. We enrich each other’s lives by sharing affection, encouragement, and trust. We enjoy having fun and engaging in meaningful conversations.
  • I can take care of my family. I stick to a budget that allows us to meet our financial needs. I maintain a safe and comfortable home. I raise my children to be kind and independent. I love my partner and cooperate with them in pursuing our common goals.
  • I can put my faith into action. I think about my purpose and try to live by my values.
  • Today, I realize that I am smart, strong, and capable. I can do this. I got this.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I build up my confidence?
  2. How can I believe in myself when I am struggling with setbacks?
  3. What is one example of a time when I overcame self-doubts and succeeded?


Peace and Blessings,