Loose and Excess Skin After Weight Loss Surgery: What’s Next?

Loose and Excess Skin After Weight Loss Surgery: What’s Next?

Excess Skin after Weight Loss?

Your Weight Loss Journey  Continues With Shapewear

  • How do you hold loose or excess skin in after bariatric surgery? 
  • What are the best compression garments to buy? 
  • Does it really work? 
  • What do you do when you can’t afford plastic surgery? 

I am asked these questions all the time. 

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Let’s talk about a growing issue; loose, sagging excess skin after weight loss.  You’ve skipped dessert, made healthy food choices, and gone the extra mile…literally. Blood, sweat, and tears may be the understatement of the year. Your weight loss journey has not been easy and you’ve lost a few stones along the way. We know losing weight is no small undertaking.

#beenthere Congratulations! 

After the countless sacrifices you’ve made in order to lose weight, you should feel overjoyed, right?

Unfortunately, many women are not as happy as they thought they would be after shedding some pounds because they struggle with loose skin common after weight loss. Although sagging, excess skin after weight loss is common, it can be really deflating. Excess skin is just one of the top things no one tells you about as a result of losing weight.

Compression Shapewear by Slimpressions is the answer.  Loose skin can be really embarrassing. That’s a big reason why Slimpressions was created and it’s truly the best shapewear for excess skin (in my humble opinion).

Let’s face it. Many women are not in a position to have excess skin removal surgery for a couple of reasons – plastic surgery can be pricey, it can be quite painful, recovery time is significant and typically it requires multiple surgeries to remove sagging skin from all of the problematic areas. There are certainly many perks to skin removal surgery and the advantages are clear. 

Why  Slimpressions?

Many women have found Slimpressions body slimmers to be their go-to sagging skin solution and a wonderful alternative to plastic surgery (or at least until they go under the knife). Slimpressions is Real Shapewear for Real Women ™. 

Unlike the “special occasion” shaping brands on the market, Slimpressions was designed for women on their weight loss journey who desire an all-day solution to help them smooth out lumps and bumps. Slimpressions is more than simply shapewear though. Slimpressions is confidencewear ™.

What makes the Slimpressions design so comfortable? 

It’s designed to be comfortable enough for all-day, everyday wear. We believe women have the right to look and feel their best Monday through Sunday, not just on Saturday nights.

It leverages patented technology to create a seamless torso. Unlike many “cut and sew” garments that force every body type (regardless of any loose skin) into a consistent mold/pattern, the seamless designs conform to every body shape. So regardless if she’s an hourglass, pear, etc. Slimpressions works for her. In addition, the products are longer than most traditional shapewear styles. 

Slimpressions were designed to sit on the hips to work with a woman’s body to stay in place and minimize untimely roll-ups so common in other brands.  

I can tell you firsthand how great our shapewear is.  I started wearing it at 340lbs (prior to bariatric surgery).  I initially looked at it and said there is no way I will EVER fit into a top that looked so small. The secret is “Stepping Into” the shapewear, “Sliding Up” the top much like pantyhose, and then seeing yourself slimmed down!  Wow, what a difference Slimpressions made during my weight loss journey.

Who doesn’t want to look thinner instantly, after all? For us, it’s all about looking and feeling your best about yourself and enjoying the milestones along your weight loss journey. 

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Peace and Blessings,