My Covid Garden

My Covid Garden
One night in early April 2020, I was up all night. I couldn’t quiet my mind. I kept hearing, “build a garden.” The plan and placement kept coming as images. I saw raised cedar beds with herbs, vegetables, and flowers. I remember tossing and turning all night long. I finally turned the light on around 3 am and started researching how to build a raised bed.
I thought to myself… I must be crazy to even consider this, especially with my health. Sure, I have grown tomatoes, herbs, and peppers before, but never a big garden. There was another problem … money. And lastly, I still don’t understand why I am supposed to do this.
Over the next few days, I prayed and discerned, looking to God for direction and clarity. I remember thinking, “if I had the funds, would I build it?” The answer was, absolutely yes. Then unexpectedly, new business engagements came through and so did the money. Off to Home Depot I went. I was going to build my first raised bed and plant a garden.
After completing the first raised cedar bed, I heard God say, “it wasn’t enough.” I was up all night again. As I prayed, I realized he wanted me to build two more beds. I followed my calling and planted more seeds and built even more beds, 6 in total.
The garden has been growing for over a month and this weekend I realized I have way too much for just my family. I don’t know what to do with everything that has grown. That is, until this past Sunday when I was watching mass online, it all became clear.
I heard our pastor talk about a new garden that was built at church. So after watching mass, I went online to read about it. Members of the ministry had just built raised beds and the soil was arriving the next day so they could start growing food for people in need. THAT’S IT! That is why I built a garden. So I can help feed those in need and give all my excess to anyone who needs it.

January 2, 2021 (almost 1 year later)

I was thinking this morning about my Garden. When Covid hit, I just followed a nudge, built 1 raised cedar bed, and planted seeds. God said it wasn’t enough. So over the next few weeks, I built 6 more beds. I measured, cut the lumber, drilled, added soil, and planted more seeds. It was like following a recipe and hoping whatever you just put in the oven looks and tastes good whenever you remove it.

I tended to my garden every day. Then “it” happened. My main bed collapsed. I was devastated. All my hard work was ruined. I pivoted and put all those herbs into containers and took great care of nursing the plants until I saw they were beginning to grow again.
 I have the most beautiful garden. I learned everything from watching videos, reading, and connecting with a local gardening group online.
  • People walking on the sidewalk stopped and looked in amazement. Many talked with me about it while I was outside. Some even said how much it inspired them to do the same thing …
  • I fed my family.
  • Shared my harvest
  • Connected with local gardening groups
  • Taught others how to garden

People smiled, and lives were changed including mine.  All of this happened because I followed a nudge, trusted, and had faith that whatever the outcome, there was a purpose.

What will you do to listen and follow your nudges?
Peace and Blessings,

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