Simple Steps To Increase Brand Exposure

Simple Steps To Increase Brand Exposure

There are so many things to think about when starting a business, and selling products and services. Follow these easy ways to increase your brand’s exposure.  Get a notepad, take notes, jot ideas, and write your answers down. 

Before we get started, we need to identify what your brand is …

STEP 1:  Review Your Mission Statement

The personality of your brand should reflect the values of your company. Your mission statement is a good starting point for figuring out what your values are and how to best communicate them to your audience.

What is your mission statement?

STEP 2:  Audit Your Current Brand Voice

If you’ve already produced some content for your brand, review the copy and audit your findings. Note any common themes in your messaging or tone. How can you clarify your tone to better portray your values and purpose?

Look closely at the pieces of content that have gotten the most engagement. This can help you to see what is resonating with your audience.

What are common themes/tone?

List ideas for how to better portray your values and purpose.

STEP 3:  Complete An Audience Survey

If you have an audience established, create a poll to find out:

● How they would describe your brand?

● Do they find your tone appealing?

● What type of personality would your brand have if it were a person?

What are the results of your survey?

STEP 4:  Research Your Audience

Understanding your target audience is key to establishing a brand voice that they will relate to. Try choosing several of your customers and research them online. Look at their social media profiles and what they are interested in. Use that information to establish your brand voice. 

What did you find out about your audience in your research?

STEP 5:  This, Not That

In order to figure out who you are, sometimes it helps to know who you’re not. Try this exercise by filling in the blanks several times to get a feel for who you are not and who you are.

We are ____, but we’re not _____.

We are ____, but we’re not _____.

We are ____, but we’re not _____.

We are ____, but we’re not _____.

Once you’ve got 3-4 of these filled out, look at what you are as opposed to what you’re not. This should give you a good idea of a direction to head.

STEP 6:  Create A Brand Voice Chart

Take the 3-4 words (from step 5) that best represent your brand and create a chart explaining how each can be represented in your brand voice. See the example below.

● List your brand voice characteristics under Voice.

● Provide a short explanation in the Description.

● In the Do and Don’t columns explain how to use this trait.

We are passionate about what we do and the people we serve.
We treat everyone with respect
We don't discriminate

STEP 7:  Develop Guidelines To Enforce Consistency

This is especially helpful if you have more than one person creating content or you are hiring a freelancer to create content for your brand.

This will ensure that you have a consistent brand voice across all of your marketing channels, from email to social media.

What are your guidelines?


It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, everyone can apply these principals. What’s important is that you use your voice (your brand) and not be silent. Promote it. Let people know what makes you tick!

How & where can you promote it?

  • On the bottom of whitepapers.
  • As a motivational post on social media.
  • As quotes on your sales flyers.
  • Use a page in your catalog to advertise your mission and values.
  • On slide decks and client presentations. Remember it’s not just about what you are selling, but also who they are buying from and why.
  • Leave an inspiring voicemail recording.

WHAT ELSE? Jot your ideas down and get creative!