The Bariatric Honeymoon Phase is Over!

The Bariatric Honeymoon Phase is Over!

At some point after weight loss surgery, most of us battle regain. It could be 5lbs or 50lbs.  The bariatric surgery honeymoon phase is over.  You are doing everything right and then all of a sudden you find yourself going backwards.  You are not alone.

I started at 340lbs.  The first 2 years were great and I was losing weight at a slow pace and was  very consistent in everything I did, from nutrition to exercise.  I was proud of the -130lb weight loss I had accomplished. I was learning to love my body and was loving life in the process.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and say I am going to gain weight for the next 3 months and see how it feels.  Will anyone notice?  Does anyone care?  I made a conscious choice to splurge a little over the holidays. I mean, what could a little nibble here and there hurt?  That nibble, became a bite, and turned into full snacks and sometimes meal replacements.  That candy bar brought me comfort. Those crackers helped me hydrate. The more crackers I ate, the more water I could drink.  3 months and 30lbs later I did not like the person I was looking at in the mirror.  I had no energy and the excess weight I had gained back was absolutely stealing my joy.

I had to ask myself why I allowed these poor choices to take over.  What was going on in my head?  How do I get this all under control?  I discovered what was really happening, the hurts, disappointments and stress that was triggering me.  With the help of some truly amazing people, I am trying hard to love my body regardless of my size.  I am making healthier choices by eating the right foods and still enjoying an “occasional” splurge. I am getting out and moving around. I am hydrating without food.  -7lbs in 5 days is an awesome start, but the greater accomplishment is I am in a happier place in my heart.


Peace & Blessings,
Dawn Hurlebaus