The Importance of Role Models

The Importance of Role Models

If you’re giving life all you’ve got, you’re showing that you’re worthy of the energy required to live your life the way you choose. Feeling good about yourself is integral to living your best life. There may be times when you aren’t sure what to do. How do you proceed?

If you’re ever uncertain about how to approach a project or challenge, think of your role models.

It’s important to have at least one role model. Many have more than one, depending on the elements of their lives they’re working on at the time. For example, if you love to exercise, your personal trainer might be a role model. If you love spirituality and faith, maybe your pastor or spiritual director would be a good role model.

Whatever your passion, having a role model will compel you to work hard as you take steps to emulate them in pursuit of a goal.

Having a role model can be valuable to you in many ways:

1. Create your own successes. Following the example of someone who has achieved what they wanted may lead you to different kinds of success than they had. However, you’ll still make good decisions and go in a direction that will benefit you.

2. Get inspired. If you’ve ever been truly inspired, you understand the impact this can have on your life. When you meet or know about a person who’s at the top of their game, if you’re inspired by them, you’ll work your hardest to achieve your own objectives.

3. Get through tough times. When you have a role model to study and learn from, you gain perspective on your life. No matter what type of storms you weather, you can call upon inspiration from your role model to help you make it through any challenge.

* Direct contact with your role model isn’t required. All you need to do is reflect on them and what they’ve done to be successful. When you think about them, your spirits will lift and you’ll feel inspired to do whatever it is that makes you joyful and content.

4. Learn about and study someone. Your role model provides you with a great subject to explore and learn from.

* How and where did your role model grow up How did she get interested in the skill or talent she excels in? For how long has she engaged in the activity? Does she share any hints or tips about how to be as good at the activity as she is? You’ll gain insights that you can apply in your own life by studying your role model. 

5. Improve your own performance. The more you try to be like your role model, the better you’ll do at your chosen hobby or activity.

Having a role model to look up to will enrich your life and help you develop yourself.

Seek out and establish at least one role model to emulate.

Your life will be more manageable and satisfying for doing so. And who knows, maybe someday you’ll be a role model too!

Peace and Blessings,